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Clairin Ansyen Communal follows the same philosophy as Communal unaged. It is an accurate assembly of various Clairin Ansyen aged in Haiti in different casks. A perfect balance of 49.3% guarantees an optimal regularity of taste over time, compared to the particularities of the Single Cask Ansyen. Clairin Ansyen Communal is a unique product in the world panorama.

The Clairin Ansyen project started at the turn of 2016/17. Luca Gargano's idea was to start exploring a new frontier for Clairin and rum aging. The main doubt was related to the alcohol content: traditionally aged rums enter the barrel at a degree above 60 °, ideally at 65 ° / 66 °, while the Clairin, being the result of an ancestral distillation in very small stills, rarely exceed 53 ° / 55 ° degrees. The doubt was therefore linked to the strength of the distillate during aging, with the risk that it could have a qualitative drop as well as a too pronounced lowering of grade given by a very high angel share. The term "Ansyen" was chosen to break away from the classic term Vieux, reserved for those rums that drastically change their profile after years in contact with wood.

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