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Florita Pete Panno is a bitter historically used in traditional Haitian medicine and contains, in addition to Haitian ginger and cloves, other native ingredients such as bois cochon (tetagastris balsamifera), liane bandé (rhynchosia phaseoloides), zo d'ouvant (eugenia crenulata) and leaves of malaguette (pimenta officinalis).

The Floritas take up ancient recipes of digestive and medicinal bitters that were produced by Caribbean families and, over the years, also by rum distilleries. In numerous cocktail books, especially French from the early 19th century, cocktail recipes appeared that included the use of "amer", which were nothing more than bitters based on sugar cane distillates, spices, fruit and botanicals from from the Caribbean colonies. Compared to classic bitters, however, they can be eaten plain or with ice in small quantities, and they are all made from natural ingredients. These are ancient recipes, which were kept in a recipe book by Herbert Linge sr., The last descendant of the Barbancour family, master distiller of the Distillerie de Port au Prince and producer of Providence rum. The bottle - designed by Luca Gargano - takes up the style of the ancient bottles used by pharmacists for the packaging of bitters and elixirs.

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