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Clairin Casimir is produced in Barraderes, in the department of Nippes, in the south of Haiti. In his small distillery Faubert Casimir receives the non-hybridized Hawaii cane, grown naturally, cut by hand and transported on the back of a mule. The pure juice ferments spontaneously for 5/8 days, thanks to the flora of indigenous yeasts. In the fermentation cuvées in wood, Faubert adds herbs such as lemongrass and green anise, which increase the aromatic complexity. The distillation is slow in the small discontinuous alembic composed of a boiler, column and wooden warmer. Clairin Casimir 6ème Récolte is bottled at the full degree of exit from the pot still: 53.3%.

The Hawaii cane is pressed by Casimir in the classic red "Panelero" mill, widely used in Haitian distilleries. In the small mill, it is squeezed a little at a time. Faubert Casimir, a discreet and calm man, lives in a land and a time that we find it hard to imagine: Barradères, in the department of Nippes, in the south of Haiti.

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