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Worthy Park 2007 is a bottling of the WPL brand, with congeners between 60 and 119 g / hLAP. Distilled in 2007 from molasses from the Worthy Park Estate sugar refinery, starting from the sugar cane of the agricultural estate owned by the Clarke family. is a Pure Single Rum Aged in the distillery's warehouse in a tropical climate and was bottled at 59%, full barrel grade, with an angel's share after 10 years of 64%. The label shows the copper double retort still produced by the Scottish Forsyths for the Worthy Park Distillery. At the time of bottling, no sugar, caramel or additives are added.

Worthy Park 2007 Habitation Velier is the first bottling that bears the name of the Jamaican distillery on the label, different from previous editions which were called "Forsyths" inspired by the copper double retort still used for the production of all the rums of the Worthy Park Estate . Worthy Park allocates part of the production to marketing in "bulk", rums that are then destined for blended rums or selections of independent bottlers, as long as the name of the distillery is not put on their labels. The one created in collaboration with Luca Gargano, on the other hand, is not a simple independent bottling project, on the contrary we could consider it a "dependent bottling", in fact on the labels the fundamental points of production are highlighted, such as the origin of the molasses, the type of alembic, the year of distillation and bottling, the percentage of angel's share, the mark, specifying the level of esters and congeners as well as, of course, the fact that aging takes place in the tropical climate at the distillery, indications that are usually not declared in independent bottling, since the barrels are always purchased through rum traders and never directly from the distillery.

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